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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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...the open secret in the KSC "save those jobs!" debate is that none of the KSC workforce is really employable anywhere else because they're trained on technologies and techniques that are so woefully obsolete that nobody else in the industry still uses them.
Again, you see experience as a problem
It's not ME that sees it that way. Your mentors at routinely tiptoe around this issue: not all or even most of the KSC jobs have skill sets that would make them suitable hires at SpaceX or Sierra Nevada. It's not so much that their experience is a problem, it's that their experience is increasingly irrelevant.

Looks robust here:
Spam usually does, and this is the part where I realize you're probably getting paid to post these links, hence the tenuous relationship to anything that is being discussed in the thread.
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