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Re: Exit stage right

I hadn't seen The Sensoritres for a while but now I know why it was changed, they changed the location of the set.

Meanwhile, Baverstock had not yet approved a full second season for Doctor Who. One of the issues affecting the programme's long-term future was its studio assignment. Producer Verity Lambert had for some time been negotiating to move Doctor Who out of the cramped and technologically unsophisticated confines of Lime Grove Studio D. On April 30th, she finally secured permission from John Mair of the BBC's Planning Department to make use, whenever possible, of Studios 3 and 4 in BBC Television Centre as well as Lime Grove Studio G, although the latter's elongated dimensions made it generally unsuitable for Doctor Who. In particular, it was noted that the spacious sets needed for The Sensorites -- originally scheduled for Lime Grove D -- would be incompatible with Lime Grove G, and it was too late to rewrite the serial to fit into those facilities.
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