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Re: The tale of the 2 Picards

IMHO, it's okay for Picard to be the badass action hero. We've seen him do that in TNG on occasion when the situation called for it. The oft-cited "Starship Mine" comes to mind. The problem for me is that's not the core of who Picard was. It was an exception. It was enough of an exception that we cheered loudly when we saw that side of his personality.

The problem is that the movies played that note over and over again. Yes, it made total sense in FC fighting the Borg that there would be a very personal, emotional connection; that Picard would go "action hero"; and that Picard wouldn't use the same good judgment at times as he normally would. But to play that same note for four films got old fast, and made it seem as if the writers had forgotten about any other aspect of his character.

Star Trek had a six-film history of being able to do a variety of stories on the big screen. There was "high concept" sci-fi, there was action/adventure, there was comedy, there was intimate drama. But for some reason, when TNG leaped to the big screen, suddenly every movie had to be a big action movie.
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