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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Just got back from Flight. I thought DW was great in it, but I'm kind of mixed on the story. I like that he's not a perfect character without flaws, but I'm a little skeptical at how quickly he goes into a downward spiral in dealing with the pressures of the investigation. That's not to belittle the effects that addiction can have on a person, cause I know sometimes it's very much like that. But I think one accurate criticism I've read is that the movie doesn't spend a lot of time on the media's perception that, known flaws or not, Whitaker is a hero for landing the plane under the circumstances he did, and keeping most of the passengers and crew alive. It focuses instead on his problems and his inability to keep his head straight long enough to avoid going to jail, even though presumably he's successfully lied about his addictions on many flights.

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