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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

Hey everyone,

This is a short section, but a hopeful sign that I will be able to finish this story.

************************************************** **************

Rim of the Calderan Corridor

Fear paused at the gaping, coruscating mouth of great pathway, roiled by momentary doubt. It could be that some caravan was inside of the space tunnel at this very moment, pulling pulled inexorably to what they might feel is a new life.

The device resting within Fear’s folds would destroy them as it collapsed the corridor. He could be the cause of thousands, millions, of deaths. As much as he hated outsiders, as much as he wanted to keep Caldera pure, Fear was not sanguine about the prospect of what he was about to do, now that the moment had come upon him.

The act would brand the Calderans pariahs on a galactic scale, destroyers of one of the great wonders of space. It would be isolated, but of such a reviled sort that the name of his kind would be sullied perhaps for eternity.

Swarms of doubt scuttled across his mind as he gazed into the maw. His form began to waver as he wrestled with the decision, ashamed that his resolve was weakening. But it was one thing to destroy actual interlopers, quite another to slaughter innocent refugees.

Uncharacteristically he laughed, a harsh, scraping sound even to his own auditory senses. It was as if a tiny Hope had manifested inside his head with all of these doubts. There could be innocent refugees inside the corridor, but there could also be invasive species, like the Borg. And for those ‘innocents’ how long might it take them before they had designs on Calderan space? Or brought more quadrant powers to Caldera’s door in an effort to help or fight them?

If there were any species inside the corridor they were well aware of the risks of space travel. He pulled his form away from the device, grabbing it before it drifted into space. With metallic fingers he activated it and threw it into the gigantic gullet before him.
************************************************** **************

Shuttlecraft Oyekan

“Great Bird!” Ensign Kittles’s gasped, her eyes widening at the spike in polaric radiation. The disruption had occurred in the opposite direction of her trail, but her gut was telling her that it was tied to the bastards that had killed Roland.

Biting back miniscule doubts, she whipped the shuttle around.
************************************************** ***************
Jov’k Tholis
Calcite-class battlecruiser
Caldera Expanse

“It’s started,” Narskene muttered, as the crystalline bulkheads flashed an variety of colors as ship’s sensors detected the polaric radiation pulse. “We don’t have much time!” he snapped at his pilot. “Get us to the cause of that disturbance at once!”
************************************************** **************
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