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Re: Why do the Klingons have equal technology to the Federation

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The warriors
Except they were shown to wield virtually ALL political power in the empire
Wrong, the Klingon aristocracy were shown to be running the show when it came to who was in power, not the warriors. The Klingon council was composed of two dozen of the most powerful families, the great houses.

Not the warriors.
See Christopher's response for why this particular rationalisation is a few steps too convoluted to be even half-way credible:

"Uhh, no, you're confusing "warrior" with "soldier." The warrior class is the nobility of the Klingon Empire -- the great houses like the House of Duras and the House of Mogh. They're basically like knights in Europe or samurai in Japan -- a class of hereditary nobles who are also the society's military leaders, and whose prestige is largely based in their military identity and power. Martok, by contrast, was a common soldier, one of the working-class grunts that was commanded by the warrior nobility, but who managed to rise from commoner to noble through his military prowess, rather than inheriting a noble title as most in the warrior class do."

I certainly never intended any isolation or 'quarantine.' I was thinking something like the US Marine Corp, who are encouraged to adopt (and be adopted by) a culture separate from the surrounding society.
Last time I checked, the US Marine Corp doesn't rule the USA.

Except the klingons WERE shown to be stupid (the gang of bikers 'macho' flavor). And not even close to 'efficient'.
First, my culture venerates 'macho' as a admirable quality (it's only bad if you don't have it I guess).
Then your "culture" really needs to read a few history books.
Bullies with 'we're so rugged' narcissistic tendencies never had any positive effect on their society.

Second, there nothing stupid about being a member of a Motorcycle Club.
So - what achievements did these biker-gangs members ever had?
Care to compare their criminality rate to that of almost any other group?

Third, to be honest there were a few (very few) stupid Klingons in the mix. However, the average Klingon was shown the possess perfectly normal intelligence and judgement. The Klingon we had the most exposure to, Worf, was often shown to be the one in the room who correctly and quickly appraises a situation, while people like Picard completely misunderstood the situation.
Worf is a highly atypical klingon.

The normal klingon as shown in TNG and DS9 - half of the time he is drunk, the other half believes that spouting honor derived rhetoric and blood-lust is a magical replacement for competence in economics and discipline in war - to give just a few examples.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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