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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Simply put, Teal'c's wife was just forgotten about in this episode. Future episodes make it clear he is still married, so for whatever reason he's open to extra-marrital affairs this week. Just go with it.
Well okay.. the sorta wife relationship is a little dubious anyway, I figure much of it is for the sake of the boy and honoring past commitments.
Well, there are several things the series never addresses, such as:

If Teal'c is 110 or so years old, how old is his wife? How long have they been married? Did she wait till she was a hundred to have their first child, or did the writers think having Teal'c say, "Our other thirty children fell in battle in the service of Apophis, as did their 83 grandchildren and 256 great-grand children" was a bit much?

They kept it simple.

Also, and you've probably caught on to this by now, the word "Kelno reem" is always preceded by the words "a deep state of". Always.
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