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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adam. He was, like, Real Now, man.
B is for Babes. Space Babes. Top of James T Kirk's favorite things in life.
C is for Cardassians. Mentioned or seen in four of the five live-action series.
D is for Denebian slime devil, something Kirk was once compared to.
E is for Exeter. Her crew got dehydrated. If only they had drunk more water!
F is for the Ferengi Alliance, one of the Alpha Quadrant's major commercial powers.
G is for Gorn. Should have been Morn's species. Quark's Bar would have been more interesting.
H is for the Halium Experimental Station, a Federation facility that existed around 2266.
I is for isolinear chip. The DVD/Blue Ray disc of the 24th Century.
J if for Jim, Kirk's nickname since he was young in both the Prime and Abrams timelines.
K is for Klingon bastards. They killed his son.
L is for Leandra, the first name of Dr. Soran's wife who was killed by the Borg in the 23rd century.
M is for Mustache. Scotty sported one in seven Star Trek movies.
N is for Nexus, an energy ribbon that transports people to their own personal paradise.
O is for Odona, daughter of the leader of the Gideon High Council.
P is for Pegasus, a starfleet ship equipped with an illegal cloaking device.
Q is for Q, an oddly-designated Federation colony world of the mid-to-late 23rd century.
R is for Robau. As in Captain Robau. In the Prime timeline he would have had hair.
S is for Sarpeidon, where the citizens fled back in time through the Atavachron to avoid the nova of their sun.
T is for Talos 4. Contact with Talos IV is forbidden on penalty of death.
U is for United States, a major nation on planet Earth until at least the 22nd century and possibly even later.
V is for Vidiians who Frankenstein themselves to stay alive.
W is for wessel. Chekov described the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise as a nuclear wessel. That SFPD motorcycle cop should have arrested him on the spot.
X is for Xindi Avians, the sixth species of Xindi that, sadly, had gone extinct by the time the others made first contact with Earth humans.
Y is for yelling, what Spock was doing before being told to use his inside voice.
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