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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Christopher wrote: View Post
And I couldn't watch a story about these Jedi "younglings" without being constantly aware of the fact that in a year or so, they're all going to be murdered by the nominal hero of this show. It kinda undermines any sense of accomplishment or victory.
I'm inclined to agree, however we know that *some* of those Jedi, younglings or not, escape Vader's purge, don't we? I always interpreted the gap between III and IV to be a lot of time for Vader just hunting down remaining Jedi, because anyone in the imperial navy can command a blockade or invade a system... but only a Jedi is so well qualified to hunt down other Jedi as compared to, say, bounty hunters.

Anyway, yeah. It's grim.

Stephen! wrote: View Post
I wonder if Yoda would have just left them in there, had they failed
You mean, not allow them to easily break through the ice like that last dude did? I'm sure this was a huge part of the lesson... they were never in any danger of actually being trapped in the cave for 19 days or however long it was.

Undead wrote: View Post
There are also Jedi on the EU list who fell to the dark side as Anakin did, and became servants of the Empire. Some were full fledged Jedi who fought during the Clone Wars and others were only padawans or younglings when the purge occurred.
This is excellent. I'm always interested in these stories... too bad they won't fit into the scope of the Clone Wars series... (or will they?)
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