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so is it right to use the technology that was developed in order to commit that genocide?
Technology itself is neutral.
Yes, I agree - but sometimes the circumstances in which a technology is created aren't. I think there's a moral component that has to be considered carefully.
Yeah that is if you are getting it off people who are still using it and will be working on it unethically to sell to you. Grabbing it as you run through the gate is different.

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Teal'c is what, 110 years old, 130? There is NO pairing that we'd want to see, except maybe the oldest lady from "The Golden Girls."

Try to get that image out of your head.

You have a limited imagination.

And by this reckoning Vulcans aren't sexy.

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Simply put, Teal'c's wife was just forgotten about in this episode. Future episodes make it clear he is still married, so for whatever reason he's open to extra-marrital affairs this week. Just go with it.
Well okay.. the sorta wife relationship is a little dubious anyway, I figure much of it is for the sake of the boy and honoring past commitments.

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