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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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On the other hand there's the people who actually live on Mandalore who--according to TCW--appear to be trying to shake their millennia old reputation and heritage as a warrior culture in order to join the Alderanian pacifists' club.
Which, obviously, is exactly the opposite of how Traviss wrote her Mandalorians prior to the Clone Wars series, and she wrote her Mandalorians as existing during the time of that war (and even incoporating Mandalorian culture into the Republic army because Jango Fett).
There's also the minor problem of Traviss depicting all of the planet Mandalore as lacking in the type of urbanized cities that we see on Mandalore in TCW.

To be fair, the city seen in TCW does look like it's on it's own, smack in the middle of some kind huge wasteland. For all we know, that's the only large city on the planet and just about everywhere else is exactly as primitive as advertised...but then no culture that produces rocket packs, wrist mounted flame throwers and orbital diving wardroid mounts can be entierly non-industrialised, no?
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