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Star Trek Begins Web Series

STAR TREK BEGINS is a new nonprofit web series in preproduction that will chronicle the voyages of Captain Pike and his first crew aboard the USS Enterprise.

Star Trek Begins is based on Gene Roddenberry's 'The Cage' pilot and its crew along with some new original TOS based characters. The web series is set in the original series universe but with a twist. Star Trek Begins is being done as if Roddenberry had created the series today using modern sets, costumes, props, video technology, and computer visual effects.

Star Trek Begins is more a "re-imaging" of the TOS universe than a "reboot" (like the Abrams film), and will follow Trek canon more closely in relationship to its time period in Trek history, while making the established universe fresh and new visually. The web series will be familiar yet different. The Kirk command of the Enterprise will still happen in the future, but this web series is about the early Pike command years of the Enterprise.

Star Trek Begins is the manifestation of our passion for Star Trek, for film making, and for our artistic need to be creative in our own way. Unlike most Trek web series that are created by fans who turn filmmakers, we are filmmakers that are also fans and will use professional and semi professional actors in our series. The production design of the web series will be more akin to the TOS movies.

We hope you will join us for our unique vision of the original Star Trek universe.

Thanks you!

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