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Re: New catalog entries - CLB, Ward, and DRGIII

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DRGIII just posted about the entry on his Facebook page (I'm posting the whole thing for those who don't like Facebook):

Simon & Schuster's website has released some information about a novel I've got coming out next year. It is listed as STAR TREK—THE FALL, BOOK 1: TIME AND REVELATION, and it is listed as a NEXT GENERATION work. So this is where I have to show up and do a little damage control. First of all, as has probably become apparent to readers who pay attention to such things, the editors with whom I work at S&S have developed a policy of referring to novels by title on contracts; this is to avoid having to send to the publicity department titles like STAR TREK—UNTITLED SERIES, BOOK 1: UNTITLED DAVID R. GEORGE III NOVEL. I can't speak for other writers in other circumstances, but in my case, the titles on my contracts are sometimes crafted by my editors, and at other times by me. Sometimes they are genuine attempts to name a novel, and sometimes they are mere placeholders.

In this particular case, I can tell you that the working title of the overall series is indeed THE FALL, and my novel will kick off that series. It will be a September release (meaning that it will begin appearing in bookstores at the end of August). I came up with the title TIME AND REVELATION, but that was simply a working title and has already gone through several additional iterations before I arrived at my current title, which is likely to be the final title. (And no, I can't tell you just yet what that title is.) Finally, my novel will not be a NEXT GENERATION work, but a DEEP SPACE NINE work.

I hope that clears up any confusion (which seems unlikely!).
Thanks for posting information from David George about his upcoming Ds9 novel The Fall. I hope this Deep space 9 series will cover the missing four years we've been wanting know about what happened to ceratin characters and storylines .This is awesome news.Next year is going to be a great year for startrek books!
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