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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Crossroads: Now wait a goddam minute. What happened to Teal'c's sorta wife? The mother of his kid? Wasn't there some kind of renewed love expressed before he popped her off to some planet he visits? And then an ex-girlfriend shows up and he's not only GLOWING (and that's quite a sight) but emerging from her room in the morning after last being seen there in the evening. And then he glows and grins and beams right up until she drops dead.

Have I missed something, has Teal'c been available all this time? Not that I want him to be, he's extremely unappealing and anyone who tells me there is Carter/Teal'c fic will suffer my wrath. But still, wth is going on?
Simply put, Teal'c's wife was just forgotten about in this episode. Future episodes make it clear he is still married, so for whatever reason he's open to extra-marrital affairs this week. Just go with it.
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