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Is that really true, though? Maybe there could have been another Enterprise in the years between 2161 and 2245, just with a different registry number. Unless, of course, it's been actually stated on-screen somewhere that the NCC-1701 was absolutely the first Enterprise in Starfleet and I just don't know about it, which is certainly possible.
It was stated onscreen. In "Trials and Tribble-ations," Sisko referred to NCC-1701 as "the first Enterprise" and O'Brien called it "the original Enterprise." Also, the dedication plaque for 1701-A says "Second starship to bear the name," B says "Third," and so on. Although in that case I would assume "the name" means "USS Enterprise" as opposed to just "Enterprise."

Of course, all those references come from before ENT was created, and the existence of an earlier Enterprise is a retcon. But the best rationalization is that NCC-1701 was the first Federation starship of that name.
I've always been OK with assuming such references refer to the famous 1701 lineage only (I believe the continued use and appending of the registry to be abnormal and thus worthy of note on a dedication plaque), but I realize that's a stretch.

If it's not asking for too much story detail, can we expect to see the Enterprise crew still serving together on a different vessel, or will the both cover their individual exploits?

I'm really looking forward to this one.
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