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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

What an awesome race!

I woke up around lunchtime and decided to just tune into the first couple of laps of the race before getting ready for the day; I didn't stop watching until the chequered flag.

Great racing throughout, plenty of action and drama, and I'm delighted to see Kimi win. I loved his attitude during the race when talking to his race engineer: "leave me alone, I know what to do" after being told he was going to be kept constantly informed about the gap to the driver behind; "yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I'm doing all that" when being advised to keep the tyres warm behind the safety car; and then of course, his rather colourful language on the podium. He's a sponsor's nightmare, but it makes for hilarious TV.

Hamilton's bad luck continues, but I don't think he'll care much as he's already thinking about Mercedes next year. Vettel did very well with an extraordinary mix of good & bad luck, and Alonso was consistent as usual. Overall, Vettel will be breathing a sigh of relief and Alonso will feel this was a lost opportunity. It's a shame Austin won't be live on the BBC; it looks like a great track and could be a great race.
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