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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Don't worry. She's not a TV character. There won't be legions of fans asking "where's Choudhury?" or saying it doesn't feel like a TNG book without her. There's no pre-established audience with an interest in her to be prompted into buying books on the promise of a new Choudhury story.

I wouldn't worry about book-only characters returning from the dead; even someone like Vaughn, who was as important and notable as a book-only character can be, I can pretty much guarantee we won't be seeing again. It's the TV characters who are considered integral parts of the original shows who we can't be assured will stay in the grave.
I still don't think Vaughan is completely dead and gone...
Even though they flat out said he died?
Even though. There's no long term planning in the Litverse and who knows what some author further down the line will decide.

I didn't get anything from Vaughan's last appearance that would make his 'being with the Prophets' any less likely than Kira's.
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