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Just cancel the season now. This is silly.
Fuck Bettman, always and forever.

I honestly don't blame the players' association one single bit in all of this. If they accepted any of the NHL's proposals thus far, they'd lose everywhere and get no concessions to prevent this from happening again. The players lose salary on existing contracts, the cap goes down, there are more restrictions on contracts, and in return we probably get another lockout in six years.

The NHL's idea of "honoring" player contracts already signed was actually just paying current players money from future contracts. The money to make up the difference now would count against the player's share of money in the future. It's not a concession at all: Essentially, the league offered to pay the players with their own money.

The players are willing (and, let's be honest, they will) to concede salary and such, but they want the league to address the problems with the current system that punish poor teams (to prevent another lockout in six years) and they want to address how their split of league money is calculated (because they think teams are basically stealing from them by not reporting some revenue as "hockey-related").

Typically, in a negotiation in order to get the other party to accept negative changes, you offer to accept other changes in compensation in a give-and-take. The NHL has never made concessions to the players, they've never justified their position that players need to take a cut now, and they've never proven that the "50 / 50" figure is what it would take to help out struggling teams permanently so we're not having this same discussion in half a decade.

So, again, fuck Bettman.
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