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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

But M's always been a code name really, hence the in film reason why Dalton has a different Bond to Moore/Lazenby/Connery, of course the real reason is that Bernard Lee died. In reality the head of MI6 is still refer to as C after Mansfield Cummings, same as the head of MI5 is K (after Vernon Kell)

By the way, I agree about the torches being stupid, but as Jarod says, it wasn't a particularly safe environment given the ice etc.

The Bond as a codename really doesn't make sense, and Skyfall gives us another good reason why, because if it really were a codename then she'd be the same M, and she isn't. As per this universe in 1995 she was running Station H, whereas in the previous universe in 1995 she was already running MI6 and briefing Brosnan...
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