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Re: Which Captain would you want to serve under?

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I can't say that I ever saw a TOS episode that looked fun or like the crew was having fun, but then I haven't seen them all... Sisko never left a crew member behind. Proof? By the end of the series, his crew was safe and sound. The only one that died was Jadzia, and that was on the station by the hands of a possessed Gul Dukat, not because she was kidnapped and Sisko failed to launch a rescue attempt or because of poor security (DS9 had the best security chief in Odo out of them all). The Sisko wouldn't do that.
But Ezri and Worf still needed Damar to save them from execution and I seem to recall Sisko being willing to let the Prophets and Pah wraiths use Kira and his son's bodies to have their final battle when one of them probably would have been killed by it, not to mention he almost died becuase he wanted to hang on to his Prophet vision powers.
Aren't you forgetting that Worf was missing in combat, and presumed dead. A rescue attempt was launched, and they found no sign of him. That has nothing to do with any kind of incompetence on Sisko's part. They were at war. Was Sisko supposed to be responsible for everything, everywhere, and at all times??? That's a pretty high standard you are setting, and I doubt any captain could meet it, including Kirk, who didn't have such a diverse load of responsibilities on him during a war. If I remember things correctly, Worf had lost Jadzia, and he was going on suicide missions, seemingly because a part of him longed to see her in Stoval Cor (sp?). You really can't fault Sisko for that. He can't control people's choices; he's not a tyrant. They only called off the search after three days because they were in a war and Dominion ships were approaching. Reminds me of that saying, "The needs of the many..."

Ezri also chose her fate, or rather, she was responsible for it, because she went to search for Worf on her own when the search was called off because of the continuing war. Sisko didn't put her in that situation, and he wouldn't have, so you can't really blame him for her imprisonment.

Damar had turned into a disgruntled drunk who finally did the right thing after the Cardassian/Dominion alliance was no longer a benefit to Cardassia. You're right that he helped them, but are you saying that no other captain and/or their crew ever got out of a tricky situation because they had a little help from their "friends?"

And the Paw Wraiths were the counterparts to the celestial beings/powerful aliens in the wormhole. Since when did Sisko have any kind of control over them? Kira was willing (according to Odo) to be a part of the Reckoning (she was allowed to make her own choices, plus she wasn't a member of Starfleet), but neither Sisko nor Jake volunteered Jake. There was no way that Sisko could have known that they would take over his son, and no way he could stop them after they did. He even begged them to leave Jake and take him instead when he saw that they took over his son. The Prophets didn't ask him if he wanted The Reckoning to happen, they told him that it would. So, he did what he could; he evacuated the area, not knowing what would happen so that no one would be hurt by the fight between the Prophets and the Paw Wraiths. Again, this is not something he could stop or influence.

On the "prophet vision powers" thing, you'll have to be more specific. It's been a while since I've watched the series, but I can tell you that Sisko dealt with a tremendous amount of stuff going on, had a lot on his plate, and he managed to do a great job, imo. What would you have had him do differently?
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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