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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

^See, I've always seriously doubted that idea. For one thing. the constant references to Tracy throughout the "old" films. At the very least, Moore is the "same" Bond as Lazenby--and License to Kill links Dalton's to those two, for that reason. Connery's "revenge rampage" at the beginning of Diamonds Are Forever implies a connection there, too.

So...perhaps Pierce Brosnan was a "new" Bond--but M refers to him as "a relic of the Cold War," etc.

Perhaps MI6 is very advanced regarding skin grafts (face changes), voice changes, and "de-aging", particularly after Moore?

As for Craig--the idea, remember, is that Casino on is a re-boot--where the legend is restarted for a modern audience. Effectively, they're acting as if the "old" series didn't happen, and Bond is discovering the elements we know and love.
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