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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Which is another thing that annoys me about this, the whole only TV characters matter crap that will never allow the trek universe to expand as there are no more new TV characters, and there probably will never be any new TV characters in the Prime-verse.
This really makes no sense and will guarantee that Trek books either quit being published or get a full on reboot back to the places they left off in TV/Movies. Most people want to read about the characters they see on TV, those are the characters they like.

There is definitely danger in moving too far away from the source material.
Um, wasn't part of the foundation of the modern trek litverse layed down by Star Trek: New Frontier and its mostly lit original cast. We also had the Stargazer series (with only Picard who was very different from the TNG version), COE, IKS Gorkon/Klingon Empire and Vanguard, In fact the DS9 relaunch cast is mostly made up of new characters. Seems like there might by a problem with your theory there.
And how many of those Trek Lit series are still going on? And DS9 seems to now be moving back towards using the canon characters. As is Voyager and TNG.
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