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Re: Which Captain would you want to serve under?

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I can't say that I ever saw a TOS episode that looked fun or like the crew was having fun, but then I haven't seen them all... Sisko never left a crew member behind. Proof? By the end of the series, his crew was safe and sound. The only one that died was Jadzia, and that was on the station by the hands of a possessed Gul Dukat, not because she was kidnapped and Sisko failed to launch a rescue attempt or because of poor security (DS9 had the best security chief in Odo out of them all). The Sisko wouldn't do that.
But Ezri and Worf still needed Damar to save them from execution and I seem to recall Sisko being willing to let the Prophets and Pah wraiths use Kira and his son's bodies to have their final battle when one of them probably would have been killed by it, not to mention he almost died becuase he wanted to hang on to his Prophet vision powers.
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