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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

It is always remarkable how people who insist that rules and definitions don't apply and it's all a matter of taste so often are the first to be so abusive when someone else's taste doesn't match theirs.

The show was in many respects spastic, pointless and confused. Add the unarguable feeling that it was tasteless, then deeming it stupid and moronic, is understandable.

Well, I don't feel it was in bad taste. Fundamentally, humor is conflict, and in its essence conflict isn't tasteful. Herman fucking so hard his old heart is "broken" aims straight at the conflict between love and sex, not to mention self-image and reality. But, surely anyone with any judgment at all should be able to see why that might felt to be breaking the bounds of good taste?

Also, a pilot should know better than to have a man go into cardiac arrest, then have Grandpa call that a perfectly good heart. Shit like that really is just stupid. How could they have left that in there after all the time they took in putting their best foot forward?
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