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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

To be fair to the writers, the "out" for Data's death was as heavily foreshadowed in Nemesis as Spock's resurrection was in The Wrath of Khan. I'd have been disappointed if they HADN'T done something with it. Likewise, the other character in this novel who escapes death (albeit dying again by the end) had enough established backstory to suggest this was a possible route for bringing him back.

If they bring Choudhury back from the events of this novel, I'll start calling BS as there's nothing there to hint it's possible. No memory backup, no katra, no friendly Q after a travelling companion, no temporal shenanigans...

And I have to say that Mack's resolution is far more organic, natural and meaningful than Data simply re-emerging within B-4's body, as Star Trek Online chose to do it... I've never quite bought that B-4's less advanced systems could "run" Data's software at all, even long enough for him to advise people on how to upgrade them (as STO would have it).
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