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New catalog entries - CLB, Ward, and DRGIII

New catalog entries have appeared at the Simon & Schuster website. As has become increasingly common, everything (short of the author) in the entry can be a placeholder, up to and including the titles (since it seems it has become Pocket policy to create placeholder titles for contracts).

The first is for Christopher's new Enterprise novel, announced the other day:

Next, comes another Original Series novel, From History's Shadow, by Dayton Ward:

I suspect this is the "untitled" novel at the top of Dayton's worklist on his blog.

And, finally...

Star Trek: The Fall - Book 1: Time and Revelation by David R George III. I suspect this is the DS9 anniversary work he announced last year. DRG's titles are particularly prone to the issue of being placeholders (see earlier issues with Plagues/Raise and next year's TOS novel...), so this in particular should not be relied upon:

There are also entries for the Star Trek Craft Book and Star Trek Cross-Stitch.
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