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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Perhaps CBS and the partner company don't have an issue with the impulse engine changing from orange to pinkish red, but it really bugs me. The colours of season one were vibrant and looked correct, but from what I've seen of Season 2 so far, things look more faded out or something. The colour of the impulse engine should not be so drastically different. I had hoped having Dan Curry on board we wouldn't have seen differences like this...but I'm hoping he also didn't intentionally change it due to personal preferences. I mean, it wasn't red in Generations.
Just picked up on this. Actually it's not really consistent in the first season either. While the impulse drive glows orange during the episodes themselves, they are red in the title sequence of each and every episode, for example.

EDIT: The new FX shots from the season two event trailer look great! Can't wait for this release!
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