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The Treaty of Algeron in current Litverse (possible TP spoilers)

I've been wondering after having read Brinkmanship and now while reading Persistence of Memory : now that the Romulans are part of the Typhon Pact, does the Treaty of Algeron continue to be in effect? Does the text of the treaty allow for changes in the geopolitical structure of the quadrant? Should the UFP continue to honor it if it doesn't?

I ask because it appears as though cloaking devices are still not being developed or deployed in Starfleet. And it seems to me that since the nature of the relationships between the powers have changed, Starfleet developing and deploying cloaking devices might not constitute a violation of the treaty of Algeron or might not result in combat or war. It could be used as a diplomatic maneuvering tool by the UFP, for example.

Any thoughts regarding this?

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