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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

The Other Side: Even Odo couldn't raise this one above a bog standard Trek ep about superior ethics. Worst of all we end up knowing nothing! How did the (presumably) cloners come about? Were they created by the breeders? And if they SG1 were so keen to find a planet to evacuate thousands of cloners to why didn't they bother offering the same to the breeders?

It was just bleh. Oh they started this war so we have to leave in hurry and not take their tainted tech. If they care that much about how a war began why did they just swallow the first story they got told?

And WHY did they leave Odo behind? He offered to teach them what he knew to save his life yet they would rather he die and his tech with him. Silly.

(LOL I think this must be the most negative commentary I've given so far)

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