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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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...the open secret in the KSC "save those jobs!" debate is that none of the KSC workforce is really employable anywhere else because they're trained on technologies and techniques that are so woefully obsolete that nobody else in the industry still uses them.
Again, you see experience as a problem--I see it as a pro-space constituency. And pad tech is pretty much the same all over. MCT will probably enjoy the same folks.

Looks robust here:
It says:
The new Space Launch System (SLS) will be able to cope with a minimum of 13 scrubs or cryo cycles and remain happily at the launch pad for a minimum of 180 days, according to the latest technical overview document.
Huntsville has a beautiful Saturn V mock-up that's been upright for years, and perhaps NASA could use some of its design features for the SLS, enabling it execute extended one and two year pad sitting missions.

I liked their turn of phrase. "Remain happily at the lauch pad". Inadvertant comic genius.
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