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Re: One Thing That Seperates Star Trek: Deep Space Nine From Other Tre

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I didn't want a respite.

I wanted machinations and death!
Well... too bad!

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AllStarEntprise wrote: View Post
Too much of it was waiting around on the station and hoping something interesting would happen.
See I was always in love with the station itself. I love the idea of living on a space station, would far rather live there than a starship. I like transitional spaces that are hubs. Airports, train stations.. DS9 was all that with aliens. So I was quite happy to hang out there with the vole problems and Quarks establishment and cargo holds and all kinds of folk passing through.
Same here. DS9 had more of that diversity I was looking for in a tale about a future where humanity has reached the stars. It's why I play STO, and why I'm almost always on DS9.

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