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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

124. Wreck-It Ralph (A+)

Two movies tonight, at two different theatres downtown; there was about a half-hour between them, which lined up nicely. The evening progressed from the sublime to the ridiculous.

To start, Disney delivers their best film since The Lion King (not to say it's that good, mind you), easily outclassing the last two films from Pixar (indeed, while it will take some rewatching, I think this sits happily in that company). I have very little experience with the arcade games that form the basis for this, so I'm not even in the older nostalgia crowd, but the film works wonderfully on every level, from the animation, to the story, to the terrific voicework (particularly John C. Reilly).

125. The Room (F)

That would probably also be an A+ in terms of entertainment value, between the constant hilarity of the movie itself and the enjoyable group theatre experience. This is the first F I've handed out, because usually even terrible mainstream movies have some technical merit and basic scene construction.

I've seen the internet highlight reels, but I couldn't miss this screening of Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece. And there's so much more to it then a ten-minute collection of clips could get across, including irrelevant supporting characters, the full extent of the pointless sex scenes, and dialogue where every sentence seems only tangentially related to the preceding and subsequent ones. It's the kind of thing that can only be made when someone with no talent is absolutely convinced that they're making art.

Both movies highly recommended, though for very different reasons.

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