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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Got around to watching House of Dark Shadows off the DVR. It's quite a bit of fun now that I've seen enough Dark Shadows TV to know what's going on. It's interesting to see these familiar faces with movie lighting, makeup and clarity and it's fun watching a good portion of them get quickly offed in gory ways.

Though I can't see how a virgin viewer could get anything from this movie other than atmosphere. Instead of reframing the core of the TV series into a solid film it seems they just condense hundreds of episodes into 90 minutes leaving no time for anything to develop or to understand any of the characters. I think, for example, they could've cut Dr. Hoffman and David out of the film entirely.

My favorite part of the movie is the way the police come in and take out the vampires as if it's just an uncommon job duty like when they're called in when a circus animal gets loose or something. I don't mean that snarkily, I've just never seen it presented like that.
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