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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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And that's generous - lavish even - up to a certain point, but then has less and less value. Now of course, that point is far above most individual's bills.
I try to be generous. It feels good to give a hefty tip to a person who has given great service. I want good servers to know that I really appreciate it. The best server I ever had got a $20 tip because not once was my glass empty, and she was so quick to slip in and out with refilled drinks, taking away plates, and she was very polite. Now, I'm sure that's not a lot of money for some people, but for me, that's a LOT of money, but I felt she more than deserved it.

Plus, she walked over and gave me a hug when she saw the $20 under my coffee cup.

Like I said, though, $5 + $1 per friend is my base rate. That's for good service. Great service gets a better tip. The reason I even use such a system is so I can budget out what I plan on spending when I sit down to eat. I always plan ahead for the tip (save for the Steak and Shake incident, that was a very rare misstep).

Well, but unless you left something out of the story, it wasn't $5 on $12, it was $5 on $60.
It was $5 on $60, but that was counting 4 people, 3 of whom didn't leave a tip. It parses out to $15 a piece, though I had a little less than my friends. The thing is, I left a tip from my meal, $5, and I was the one she complained about. That's what irked me. I wanted to stop and ask her why she was upset with me, but I didn't want to embarrass her, as I was likely not meant to hear it.

Believe me, I find not leaving a tip when someone has given me good service to be unconscionable. One of the worst offenders are the aforementioned Amway and church groups.

The church groups are the worst. You get 20 to 30 people, all together, you do everything you can to make them happy, the floors are sticky, the tables are sticky and gloopy from the kids spilling their drinks and ice cream (and the adults can be worse!), they're always asking for refills, and sugar, and cream, and butter, and this order's not to my liking, and can I get some more fries, and finally, FINALLY, when you're all done, and they leave, there's no tip anywhere, save for a fake $20 evangelical tract.

I do have an exception to my base rate. When it comes to really large groups, like say 20+ people, I can't really put out $5 and then $1 for each, because that adds up really fast! I do give about $10 or more whenever I can, because I know that even when my little area is clean (I always bus my own table, it's habit), the rest of the table will look like shit warmed over. At that point, I usually hand the server the tip and apologize for the group, who is usually unaware.

I will never understand how everyone in a large group can just stiff the server and walk away smiling like it was some kind of blessing.
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