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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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Conveniently, Trek '09 also received critical acclaim.

Exactly. But even if it hadn't, so what? If I like a film, I don't give a damn whether it got critical acclaim or not. That should not be amongst the criteria for anyone's enjoying a film, book, music, whatever.
Exactly right. This is all that matters. If enough people like the movie to make the franchise money and keep it viable then it shall continue. In this case, apparently enough people - myself included - liked what J.J. did to Trek. Was Trek dead - no, I don't think so; certainly tired and resting, but Abrams gave it enough of a kick to wake it up and get a lot more people interested in it than there were before. I have been with Trek since the beginning and simply see this as another chapter - a very exciting chapter of Star Trek's life. J.J. by no means ruined Trek. He gave it a hell of a shot in the arm and introduced a whole new audience to it. Was it perfect, no, but perfect to everyone is something it could never be. It was new, fun, and exciting. I am pleased overall with all the casting that was done and with the story - although I would have loved an extra 30-45 minutes to fill in some stuff. I look forward to seeing where this journey is headed.

The bottom line is if you liked it, great. Get in line along with me and see the next one. If you didn't like it, fine too, don't spend any money to see the next one. If continually griping about it makes you feel good, fine, keep doing that, too.

In the end, it'll be the box office results - likely driven a lot by word of mouth - that'll determine if the ship keeps flying.
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