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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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Not a flat rate, a base rate. It's $5 plus $1 for every friend with me. I usually tip more, but that's the base rate. So if you're a server, and you bring food to the table for me and 3 friends, you're already getting at least $8 from me alone (except in the very rare cases where I'm short). What more do you want?
And that's generous - lavish even - up to a certain point, but then has less and less value. Now of course, that point is far above most individual's bills.

Rainbow Dash wrote: View Post
Really? You'd have considered me cheap for giving you a $5 tip on a $12 meal? If we play the percentages, which people seem to enjoy doing, that's a 40% tip!
Well, but unless you left something out of the story, it wasn't $5 on $12, it was $5 on $60.
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