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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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Okay, wow. That was a potential thread-killer/mood-killer, I wrote up above.
See, the thing with your rape comment is... "thread-killer" and "mood-killer" are similarly offensive expressions. It's an insult to people who actually lost someone in killings and murder. Killing of a human being is much worse than killing a thread or a mood.

Another terrible expression for example is "this thread just got nuked". A blatant insult to everyone who got nuked (or rather lost loved ones), for example, in Hiroshima.

Or "this thread is a trainwreck". Is it really?
Yes and no.

Given the frequency and singular humiliation and horrific experience rape undeniably is, and without subtracting from the other scenarios you are bringing up, I think Lord Garth makes an excellent point.

Likening these other scenarios --however horrible they are-- is disingenuous to the very real possibility (and, sadly, likelihood) that there are members here on this board or even in this thread who have been raped.

In other words, you're picking at straws to make a minor point, Jarod. "Rape my childhood" is a horrible, offensive way to describe something as trivial as a fucking movie. Going off the deep end and trying to implicitly justify it because there are other comparisons and expressions that others use citing other terrible occurrences, as if it somehow should negate how horrible the "rape" analogy is, is insensitive, needlessly fickle, and honestly, moronic.
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