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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Yeah I paused up on that. Not the greatest matte ever (at least by what we could see), but still for the time, and for what it was trying to show us, it was very impressive for a weekly tv series.
Just looking at this new matte, its definitely been CGI enhanced and an improvement over the original. I cant really make it out very well I think there are some first contact style alcoves in there, the telltale is the green plasma disks. Can anyone one see them?
Yes, in fact it looks like all the Borg alcoves surrounding the original live-action element have tilted green plasma discs, whereas the footage filmed in 1989 has the original non-tilted energy plates:

And here's the original matte:

Despite any visual inconsistencies, I agree with you that the new CG matte is a significant improvement and I can understand why they had to abandon the old matte painting.
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