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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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WRONG! I am very much annoyed by Treklit's lack of the necessary back bone to make major changes and stick with them. I feels like a bait and switch where I think Star Trek is actually changing with the times and staying relevant but in reality they just go back to the same stuff that helped to kill it in the first place.

I also don't like that with Janeway I character I actually liked (Eden) was tossed out for a character I don't care that much about (Janeway). I mean its worse in that its just another way Janeway get out of the consequences of her actions.

And with Data, I don't like his character arc being arbitraily reset for whatever reason, Just like how i don't like Indistinguishabe From Magic being reset into oblivion for the same reason.
Well, Data was killed in a movie, and Janeway was killed by a different author under different editors, so the people making the changes aren't the same people who made the original decisions.
As for the whole idea of resurrection overall I've had a bit of a change of heart over the last few days. I admit I never used to like it, but as I've thought about it the past few days, and looked at how it's been done over the years I've started to have less of a problem with it. IMO as long as it's done well, and in a way that works with the laws of the universe I really don't mind. I know it's unrealistic, but sometimes with stuff like this it can be nice to escape from realty.
Where as I used to be okay with it, until Spock was treated as the rule and not the exception.

I also don't like the seemingly current obsession with the reset button.

Before this it seemed that Star Trek was moving in a more mature direction, now it seems to be going back to the same childish stuff that probably helped kill it on TV. I mean at this point I'm expecting Picard to go back to giving holier than thou speeches about how perfect humanity is and how everyone should be like them.

And I can't help but start to feel that I'm paying about $7 for well written fan-fiction with all the fix ficing that seems to be going on.
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