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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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Star Wars Episode VII will have no impact on Star Trek Into Darkness but I think it could have an impact on Star Trek XIII. "Could" being the operative word.

Part of the success of Star Trek's reboot was to make it more like Star Wars. Now that Star Wars is coming back, Star Trek will look like the old toy and there will be a comparison. BUT, Star Trek will be established with two out of three movies already out. There might not be an affect on its box office. If ST XIII underperforms, or is critically panned, it's just as likely to be blamed on being a "Part 3" as it would be to suffering in comparison to Star Wars.

After ST XIII, Star Trek's future was already wide open to begin with. Star Wars will only provide them with a compass. ST will likely zig where SW zags to avoid looking like an immitation and to better set itself apart to stand on its own.
I mostly agree, but then, there is always the chance that SW7 will suck targ balls. Whatever story they come up with, it'll be a challenge to make a new movie properly epic without undoing the victory of the Battle of Endor or introducing a generic even bigger threat!, both of which could feel quite cheap. One reason the Thrawn trilogy works so well is that the stakes are gradually raised, via the Katana Fleet and new clones, both introduced in the second volume, but that'd be a hard trick to pull off in a new movie that, post-prequels, people will bring a definite "let's see what you've got" attitude towards. And a merely "meh" SW7 could seriously tarnish the brand, erasing the luster that Lucas' (apparent) recusal has conferred.

In short, let's see what SW7 is like before panicking. But I do agree that this puts added pressure on Trek XII to deliver.
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