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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

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The Borgified Corpse wrote:
My main concern with Joss Whedon directing anything is my constant fear that he'll randomly, cruelly kill people off for no good reason. (At least, in the Marvel movies, we're relatively safe from that.
Or so we thought.
Yeah, well, he had a target on his back because he was the only one without any real spin-off potential. The rest just kinda can't be stopped. (Although, I momentarily wondered about Iron Man simply because there's always the possibility that they could kill him off just because RDJ is tired of the role.)

But, honestly, Whedon might not be my first pick of the Marvel movie directors anyway. I sometimes suspect Jon Favreau would do a better job of getting the tone right. And I'd be very OK with Kenneth Branagh, probably. Thor was my favorite of all the Marvel movies (including The Avengers) and I thought Branagh brought more visual stylishness than any of the other directors. But I suspect Branagh would need a really strong script to be able to bring that same kind of quality. Thor had a very solid bedrock of emotional resonance. Without that, I suspect Branagh would have lost interest very quickly.

Whatever you do, keep Ridley Scott the hell away from it! I can't stand Prometheus or Blade Runner. Alien was OK but I attribute that mostly to the casting. (Yaphet Kotto is auto-win!) Kingdom of Heaven made no sense. Legend was shite. He completely derailed The Hot Zone & I Am Legend with his nonsensical art director brain. Honestly, the only movies of his I really liked were Gladiator & Robin Hood. Black Hawk Down was decent, I suppose. But overall, keep this madman away from it.
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