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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

^There's no need to be snide. Of course I'm "aware" of all that. But this is a story about small children whose murders are due to happen within the very near future. The Clone Wars only lasted three years, and given how much Ahsoka's matured over the course of the series, we've gotta be at least two years into it in episodes like this one. That means we're not talking about something decades in the future, but about something that's going to happen very soon... to children. That makes it rather harder to overlook than the usual cognitive dissonance of watching Anakin Skywalker be a hero.

Although a lot of it is just a sense of pointlessness. The story was about these children achieving a major step forward toward their future maturity. But we know they have no future. So any sense of accomplishment feels hollow.
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