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Re: Which Captain would you want to serve under?

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Kirk, he at least has fun at his job.

why is this a plus if you're a subordinate under him? The question is "who would you want to serve under," not "most fun to watch."

Kirk is fun to watch, but he's also way too casual about danger and risk, and if you're a junior ensign, he's NOT the captain you want to serve under.
And if Kirk is in charge if I'm up shit creek, he'll do something while Picard has a staffmeeting about it or would go ahab on it and use me as canon fodder, Archer will get beaten up in the rescue attempt, Sisko will either launch a rescue or leave me reliant on an enemy's heel face turn unless he's on a quest for the prophets then he might let me die, and Janeway only cares about her precious senior staff so I'd be screwed.

The jury is still out on NuKirk

As for danger If your in Starfleet you signed up for it. At least in TOS the danger would come from. Fun adventure that everyone was enjoying for the most part rather than being grim and serious all the freaking time while occasionally boring me with the holier than thou speeches about how perfect humanity is.

Besides Redshirts mostly die from doing stupid stuff, so I like my chances there.
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