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Re: Let me get this straight: Hogan

You can't use the word "eating", "eat" or "ate" in this thread after I've made such a mess out of it already, because I'm only going to make things worse if you're chucking more wood on the fire.


No matter how much he protested that he didn't love the girl turning into a dolphin, Caveman Will should have thumped that Klingon idiot and laid down the foundations for his once and future relationship with Dee.

So you're thinking what I'm thinking?

Has millions of years of evolution sealed up the counsellors blowhole, or did she spend 7 years wandering about on television with a fourth hole that... Maybe that explains the massive wigs with the caged birds in them from Betazoidian history?

A type of chastity belt.

Attack birds to defend young girls blowholes and honour in polite society.


That makes perfect sense.
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