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The Host and Continuity

Although the Trill were introduced in "The Host", much of what was established there was overwritten by DS9, from their appearance, to how the joining is more balanced and less the Symbiont dominating the Host, transporters are harmful, reassociation, as well as how the Joined nature of some Trill isn't a mystery (Sisko was friends with Curzon for decades, Bashir knew about them in "Emissary").

So where does that leave the original episode? It's something that I've been pondering on for a day or two.

In my fanfic continuity, I have retconned the original look of the Trill in favour of the spotted variety (seeing as how they were better established) and stick more closely to DS9's portrayal, whilst the transporters harming Joined Trill may be so for a small minority, but for most it isn't an issue.
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