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Re: Is Seska Based on Hedda Gabler?

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I thought she was an in depth narcissist. She makes decisions based on a need for power that don't make much sense for self preservation.
Janeway got lucky.

Consider if she had been on Equinox instead?

Ignoring the Captain and making alliances in secret to guarantee her safety and by extension the ships saftey.

Equinox could have done with that.

They weren't lucky.


Imagine this.

If Seska hadn't been discovered.

What's her alliance with the kazon worth?

A kazon fleet in front of them secretly clearing the way and paying off officials.

Kazon allies bending over and presenting their rumps for the taking at every port of call.


Janeway would have had Elves.

Her ignorance would have saved lives.

Oh yes, and the kazon wouldn't have been trying to destroy Voyager if they had Seska in their pocket constantly feeding them technology.

That arrangement could have gone on for years, and Cullah might have been so grateful that he allowed Voyager just to bugger off once it was about to leave his sphere of influence.

Afterwhich Seska would have picked new Elves to prop up her dimwitted arogant Captain.
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