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Re: Is Seska Based on Hedda Gabler?

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What floors me a bit is that most of Seska's friends in the Maquis didn't even notice that she has a Cardassian name (as evidenced by a character named "Seskal" on DS9 - apparently it's a popular Cardassian name).
There's a reason Jews deustched up their names when the deathsquads started knocking down doors, or later when Germans, or those of German decent radically anglicized their names after and during either of the World Wars... Emmet VON brown comes to mind, but if you watch a movie 400 times, it's always on your mind.

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I can see why Seska tried to get her end around in Shattered, but why on earth was Seven so amenable when if a future existed where Janeway ran free, it could't mean the best for the Borg.
It was Scorpion 7 of 9... From a time where the Borg had agreed to cooperate with Voyager and not assimilate them in exchange for helping against 8472.

From Seven's perspective, she wants to help the temporally displaced Voyager crew resolve the "Shattered" problem so she can get back and help the Collective with their little problem in the Northwest Passage, which means saving Voyager as opposed to assimilating them.
Which just again proves that Janeway was the Scorpion and that the Borg would have kept their side of the deal if she hadn't screwed them over first... Even though Seven said back in Scorpion that she was waiting for the deceitful Humans to stab her in the back at the first opportunity... But that's not how voyager writes their stories. The Borg are evil and the ends justify the means which can never be evil if they are Janeways means.

Remind me, did Borg Seven enquire as to her health, and the state of the collective in the future?

She needed to think more fourth dimensionally.

Chakotay too.

In every time zone he arrived in before Basics, he should have removed Seska from play by some means immediately.

Temporal Prime Directive my ass.

The temporal prime Directive is a document that does not exist in the 24th century, we discovered this in Relativity, however Janeway just decided to adopt what she imagined it might say as wrote, after seeing how well it worked for the 29th century, in a pre-emptive move to keep those assholes out of her life.

Much the same as that has happened in my country, for emergency services you dial "111". After years of yank telly, drunk idiots became confused about what number they should dial for emergency services, and further became confounded that dialling "911" just got a "does not exist" dial tone, so the government decided to be useful by placing a recorded message at the end of every "911" call that said "This is not the emergency services number, please hang up and dial "111"" ...Which would have been all alright if people weren't dying in raging infernos or children weren't starving down wells filling up with rainwater, so the government finally coughed up the 20 bucks to redirect all 911 calls to the 111 service... Thus admitting that America is right even when it's wrong and is a busy body alien interloper who has no business interfering in our day to day business.

(I know this happened in England too. Anywhere else?)

And sometimes also, Bajoans during the Occupation would give their children sturdy Cardassian names to lessen the bigotry and oppression a notch from their three spined overlord masters... Oh.

I seem to have an intense sensation of Deja vu.

How odd.
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