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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Nice healthy amount of grain in that new footage. I like it. Looks just like S1. Certain shots in the S2 trailer on the S1 set were quite heavily DNR'd:

That looks infinitely better without a DNR scrub, any ideas why they it was done for the shots in the trailer?
Probably to make the shots look more consistent for the trailer and the file size smaller... or possibly to make it look artificially "cleaner" for a mass audience normally put off by grainy images -- even if that's the way the film stock is supposed to look from that era.
That's a relief, I always wondered why the 'quick fire' shots at the end of the trailer had their film grain intact but the shots of Q Who and Contagion made Picard et all look as if they were made of rubber
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