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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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I liked it, but not as much as Casino Royale, From Russia With Love and probably a few others too. Best Bond ever seems just hype, but it was very good. Spotted Moneypenny early on though.

It's loused up my personal Bond film chronology though - I'd pretty much fitted in the Brosnan Bonds (all Dench 'M's) after Quantum and before Skyfall, but they've already got Moneypenny in. I was already struggling to reconcile the other films. Despite the same M, this just isn't the same Bond is it ?

And so how did he have the old Aston if he's not 'that' bond ?
He's a Time Lord - this is his first incarnation, but at some point he'll regenerate into Sean Connery (doubtless after a few more incarnations between) and go back to 1962, either by means of his TARDIS or an encounter with the Weeping Angels...
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