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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Either you kepp a dead character dead or you don't bother killing them in the first place No if, ands, or buts about it.
I meant compromise in terms of reader desire; creating a story that pleases those readers who want to see a character return, and also satisfies many of those readers who dislike resurrection as a plot device because it undermines the power of death and emotional responses to such.
And I don't think such a compromise is possibble, beucase you're still ressurecting a character, you can dress it up with a cost, or ambiguity but it still using that tired trope.

Obviously nothing's going to please everyone, but I think both recent resurrection stories tread the line of compromise regarding reader desire, and deliberately so, aware that they're dealing with different and opposing viewpoints among their audience.
All they did was sugar coat the reset button with blood shed and ambiguity, they took a bad idea and wrote it well but its still a bad idea.

I appreciate that. And the authors are going to want to appeal to as many readers as possible while also telling an interesting story.
It seems to me their only appealing to the same declining fanbase that makes Trek unveasible on TV.

I wasn't trying to suggest that there can be a compromise between a state of "staying dead" and "not staying dead". Of course there can't. I meant compromise in terms of story-telling choice.
Which I don't think can happen. I only see two ways in which trek can go a modern story telling way where if people die they stay dead and consequences exist, or the same tired magic fairly land where if something happens that you don't like a magic author will undo it.

I'd perfer the modern story telling one.

As I've said from the start, I don't like resurrections and would prefer they never be used. But I did like the two novels, The Eternal Tide and The Persistence of Memory, and I did appreciate the sensitivity with which both - in my opinion - handled the issue.
I've seen stories that handel ressurections better, The Mirror Universe Saga where Spock was sent off on a new ship and the crew continuted on the Excelsior saving DC Comics' at the time developments.

The other being the New Frontier Excalibur Trilogy where Calhoun's death was ambiguious enough that they could get away with reveling that he hadn't been killed and they used it to make some considerable changes to the series.

I'm pleased we get so many Trek books by quality authors, so I'm not going to condemn any given novel because it doesn't match my personal desires.
This isn't just about my personal desires Trek is never going to survive if they still do the same crap that got it cancelled no matter how well their writting it now.

I'd rather take the good I find in the handling of the plot and the new stories that will be told with the returned characters (now that I'm reassured that there will be some emotional consequences rather than pretending the character never died at all) than take a negative opinion because a convention I dislike - resurrection - was used.
And I'd rather they didn't bring back dead characters especilly when doing so not only gets rid of a character I like more to bring one I didn't give a crap about while blowing up her importance to mary sue proportions but takes an interesting new storyline and shoves the conclusion down my throat instead of properly devloping it, or undoing a chracter's arc just to have them around.

I'm just saying in my earlier post that I'm quite aware of the tension between that take on things and my dislike for resurrection, which is why I feel a bit uneasy.
And I think you should think about your unease, about it and wonder if this was such a good idea why are you concerned? becuase I think we should ask ourselves if this was such a good idea why does it leave you feeling uneasy?
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